If you want to do it, then do it.


…you don’t need more time.

You don’t need a boss or a better tool. (Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t need Photoshop or Artweaver to do the Monalisa painting, he used what was available at the time). He did what he needed to do, with what he had, without giving any excuses.

There is often no best place or best software, or best team or whatnot that can help you get started because the thing about ideation is that, while all the external variables may help to offer you leverage, the work must happen first from within before it can happen without. That’s the critical success factor, and it has been so from centuries ago – it must be inside-out.

My point is, you will have to embrace the discomfort that comes with the process and compel yourself to do the work that you are capable of. To embrace the risk, the pain and the fear of adding humanity to your craft and to make this a habit. And you must begin now, you must act on it today. Not one of these days as some people often say.

One of these days is in fact, none of these days.

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