Inspiration & Motivation — the true idea


I like to think that every time we experience the counterfeit of a thing, it points to the fact that there is an original. Such that, you cannot have a two thousand dollar bill because there is no original two thousand dollar bill in print. And this applies almost similarly to many aspects of life.

Turns out that some people have developed a cold face to the lofty ideas of motivation and inspiration. They think that they have no true essence anymore, because it has been watered down by the quacks who only see it as a way to make a quick living. But to throw the baby with the bath water will be very naïve. At a level of wisdom, it makes sense to always isolate the message from the messenger as much as possible and whenever this is required of us. For the fact that there are a few guys who misrepresent the art doesn’t in anyway rob it of its essence.

Motivation and Inspiration are fine ideas and those who have the passion to add value to the lives of other people in this way, whether as speakers or preachers should be given the freedom to do so. (Not that they needed it).

By design, we are built to act in the direction of our deepest motivation and if there’s a way to shore that force up, then it does make sense. If there’s a reason to excite the inner electrons in the recesses of our souls to do our best work and to become all we can ever be, then so be it.
You’ll be selling yourself short if you think motivational and inspirational ideas have no place in our societies. That’s what I think.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” — Zig Ziglar

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