It takes two to be understood


Effective communication involves a sender, receiver and the feedback. And it takes the interactions of these three elements to complete the process.

When you are the one passing out information, it is tempting to think that the other two elements don’t count much but they are just as important. Beyond what is said by a party, there is also what is understood by the other party and often times, they can be gulf apart. Which then places a huge responsibility on the speaker to ensure that the hearer is on the same page as him/her at all times.

And that requires a lot of emotional labour because there is a chance that the person that you are speaking to has no clue about what you are saying. Mostly when you speak with people from say another tribe, language, country or socio-economic/cultural reality. You must strive to not speak out of your subjective experience otherwise, you just may be speaking to yourself.

Turns out that, to communicate effectively is not just about what you say, but the way and how you say it.

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