Mentors and heroes.


You know, it is common to find young people who go about searching for mentors in their chosen field of work or life in general.

It is not a bad thing.

But when the lack of a mentor becomes an excuse to hide from giving our best to our work and from living our best lives, it has become a vice and a trap.

The thing is, a mentor is supposed to be someone who has a track record of performance and achievement in the kind of work we desire to do. Someone we admire and will love to be like. And ideally, a person we can access and build a walking talking relationship with. That’s the idea of the word – Men-tormen on a tour. But sometimes providence might not give us a chance to have a direct access to these people or to be on their list of priorities because they also have big commitments and probably there are a lot of people already on the queue ahead of you. For example, a Michelle Obama can’t mentor even a millionth of all the young ladies who desire her mentorship, she will wear herself out even if she tries to manage these relationships over the internet. It’s not just possible. And same with many other successful folks.

So a wise young chap should rather seek for heroes than mentors, in the case where securing a direct access is a problem. S/he should look for figures to model his/her life after. And such people are in abundant supply. With the internet, you can troll the lives and works of successful individuals unendingly. You can observe and shadow them from afar without the limitations of time and space and you don’t even need their permission. Lastly, rather than striving unsuccessfully to secure a mentor, you can choose to be a fan on purpose.

That’s how to do it.

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