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“The word monk derives from the Greek word monakhos, which means alone. A monk is a person who voluntarily decides to isolate himself from mainstream society and embrace an ascetic mode of being.”

Let’s bring this home. There’s no gainsaying that the information age, as we know it today, is both a blessing and a challenge to our human experience. It has never been harder to find focus as it is today, considering the barrage of information contesting for a piece of our attention every day. And it turns out that there’s only so much attention energy that we can expend every day. It is about one of the scarciest and most valuable resource today. In fact a luxury.

I’m not sure that you can literally practice the lifestyle of a monk. You might not be able to organize yourself away from human beings (with all the off & online distractions) to find yourself or to have the focus/concentration energy to do important work.

A small list of suggestions that might help:

– create a secluded work room, workstation in your place of work or home;
– create a no-wifi zone or block of time so that you can be cut-off from all distractions (go off-grid);
– put your mobile devices on air-plane mode when you want to do deep work;
– manage your social media exposure — be intentional about what app to have on your device;
– have two computers if you can (desktop and laptop); laptop for casual work and to check up random searches and news items, while the desktop to do real work;

It might sound awkward, but the toilet works beautifully for me, whenever I want to hit a concentration level to weave together an idea, and as a rule, I don’t connect my device to the internet there and it works for me.

The world is too noisy. Do whatever you have to do and make sure you organize your immediate environment to do deep and important work.

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