My thoughts on “Valentine’s day”


First, I should say a happy valentine’s day to you and I hope you are having a good one.

I would like to share a train of thoughts as we mark this day and this is especially for today’s young people. I think it is important to understand that, love, though a common denominator is never a sufficient reason to commit one’s life to another person in the name of a relationship. And often times, what we call love is usually just a therapeutic feeling that is created by the interplay of the forces of both space and time. What I mean is that, by nature, when two individuals happen to be at the same place at a particular time, over a period, there is a likelihood of a spark of attraction. The laws of physics (electricity) also attests to this. For the most, what they call love is usually just a transient feeling. And you only need to ask some couples who are 20 yrs in marriage to know that probably they were just meant to be friends and not spouses.

The times are becoming more complex.

Will your relationSHIP survive the STORMS of 2025? Will your union be able to withstand the socio-economic realities and cultural pressures of 2036? Again, there is no such thing as: “it cannot happen to me”. Caution is always the posture of the wise. We must question our environment. For those who choose the path of divorce after 25years together, what could have happened to their once sweet home? Business partners who decide to go their separate ways after 18 years together, what went wrong? Did their priorities change? Or they were the ones that changed?  It takes more than love & feeling to commit to a life-long relationship with another person, in my opinion. And at a level, love cannot negotiate for peace. With a level of pressure, romance often cracks.

The fact is, when complexities intensify, a demand is placed on knowledge to stabilize situations. Today’s young people then will need to add more tangible variables like Knowledge & Maturity to their value exchange, beyond feelings for each other.

We need crisis proof homes in 2030, we need less divorce cases (with all of the attendant societal problems) in 2045 & our decision today will determine the quality of tomorrow’s families & the balance of tomorrow’s society.

As someone has said, the crisis of the family is the crisis of the nation — the home cannot be under siege & the nation be at peace at the same time. We cannot make a strong society with weak families.

Save the Family! Save the Nations! Save the world! These are my thoughts for Valentine ’s Day and again, I wish you a happy one!

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