My Valentine’s Gift To You: 50 Shades of Wisdom


As Promised….it is finally out. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!


Exactly 50 days ago, I mentioned that I was embarking on a sprint, codenamed project 50/50 – to put together some of the finest lessons I had garnered over the last few years from my interactions with the wisest man that ever lived. And am proud to announce to you that those lessons have been skillfully weaved together into a book.

I am excited, you know, and I cannot wait to share the experience with you…trust me, it would change your life. Your mind will open up to a whole new world. It’s a promise.

Some persons have asked me, “who is this, ‘wisest man that ever lived’ that you are talking about”? and I told them to wait! Now, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. But I will allow you find out for yourself.

Just register and click DOWNLOAD at the base of this post, and you will be getting the book, freshly from the oven; for FREE!!!

Yes, it’s Valentine’s day and it’s a day of sharing isn’t it? It is absolutely Free!!!!!!

Warning: Readers of this book are liable to experience a total mental makeover!

If you are ready to level-up, then take the leap! Go!

Before the day is over, may I wish you, a happy valentine’s day once again.

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