Negative and positive clickbaits


Every day, there is a huge demand on our emotional energy – positive and negative. More than we can actually respond to in a short time.

The news managers and marketers work overtime and throw information at us daily, asking us to care enough to take a second look. To give a bit of attention to the article title another time. To click and read more or see more information about the product or service. With all the tonnes of information swirling across our faces daily, there’s obviously only so much attention that we can direct per time. If we care too much about every information that flies across our face, we risk being desensitized.

It’s why the news people try sensational headlines. They use click baits to capture and to hold us down. Sometimes, it’s so bad that the headline says one thing and the content doesn’t measure up. At that point, they lose trust because when next we see that kind of title, we will be wary and guarded.

But the converse is to do the emotional labour of coming up with a positive clickbait header because if the negative works, then positive can work. Whether you are writing an email or advert piece or book title. Do the work. Make your content true just as the subject line. Make your subject line clear and take out the clutter as much as possible. Let your piece offer us a clear next line of action. Something that earns our trust and gives us value for time and a reason to come back. Be empathetic and put yourself in our shoes.

If this will be the case, then it’s up to you.

Ps: With so many voices vying for our attention—billboard ads and TV commercials and annoying Internet pop-ups—it’s hard to know what’s worth our attention. We end up tuning it all out, the good with the bad…if we aren’t careful.

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