Nothing succeeds like Success


You probably have heard many quotes which were purported to have been said by the genius Albert Einstein. Actually, it has been unraveled that he said far less than people have wrongly ascribed to him (unfortunately, Einstein is no longer here to defend himself). It is the thing about greatness — people quote what you never said and attribute ownership to you of possessions you don’t own. It’s called Apocryphism.

And that’s how success works….the more you get, the more of it you get. The more jobs you get, the more jobs you can get – “the one who has, more shall be added to him”. Once you attain a point on the locus of success, the wind just seems to assist your progress – it becomes like a roller-coaster…your efforts begin to bring returns in a geometric fashion.

The hard part, however, is the initial push uphill; the upthrust to attain auto-pilot; the grind in the dark (before paparazzi shows up). That’s where the work is and if you can pull that through, you are game.

Whatever you do, keep the grind going. Eyes on the mark!

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