Of rights and obligations


You know, although popular, there’s just no such thing as a right to life in that when you say you have a right to something, that means that someone on the other hand is guaranteed to defend and meet that right. Someone or an institution is obligated to ensure that they discharge this responsibility.

But as you know, that’s not entirely true as in the case of the pursuit of personal peace, happiness and safety of life. In the face of it, no government can guarantee your peace, happiness and life. They can say so as the politicians that they are but in actuality, it’s not a defendable promise, that’s why most people are stressed out from broken expectations.

Now, what can you do? It’s entirely up to you – to defend your peace, happiness and ultimately your life. Any body can be stupid around but you have the duty to not allow their stupidity affect you because the only guarantee is the efforts you make to keep your sanity. That’s our obligation. We all have the obligation to do our bit to make the world a better place for all of us.

That’s what we can bank on

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