One other way to identify your life’s work


There’s the common way: they say it is the kind of activity you love doing so much that you will be ready to engage in, even when you won’t be paid – you can do it for free any day, anytime. Those activities that look like play and fun…something you can do almost effortlessly when someone wakes you up from sleep, something you can do at a moment’s notice.

But again, there is the flipside.

While it is common for writers, for example, to complain of having writer’s block , there is nothing like a footballer’s block or a dancer’s block; because they are always itching to perform. It is sheer joy. Writers (at least most) are often not. For them, the hardest part is in getting to sit down and to actually begin writing.

For those who are in the creativity business – people who make some form of Art, whatever your Art is — a service, an interaction, a performance, getting to do this work sometimes comes with a lot of pain and inertia. Steven Pressfield (a best-selling author) calls it Resistance. When you want to do something novel, the resistance kicks. You know, if you have ever done any laudable work…something that stirs applause and gets people to perceive you as a god, a linchpin of sorts, you probably fought your way to achieving it…much more, you fought your way into even starting it at all – it is the reason why some people have been trying to write a book for years, without success.

Great Art doesn’t come natural – you have to fight the internal resistance. It isn’t fun. It is never easy.

The idea is, living in your area of gifting isn’t all blissful, as it is often painted. For some people, it is something they will rather hide from. Something they loathe. Now, whatever your case is, joy or pain, strive to do your work anyway.

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