Peaks and Troughs


A couple of hours ago I had a chance to look at the backend of my blog and saw the traffic hits over the last couple of days. I observed a rather fascinating trend which appeared somewhat like an undulating sine wave with peak and trough points at different times. Peak points depicting high numbers of viewership for certain posts and trough points showing low viewership for some others. Some days came with huge enrollment and some other days appeared not so good.   

It’s the same with life.

We won’t hit a home run all the time. Most especially for people who work in the creative industry, sometimes the work you do will resonate with your audience and at some other times it won’t appeal so much. Musical artistes will not always have a hit song….maybe one in 8 (sometimes the most unlikely), gets to make it to the top of the chart. The foremost marketing guru Seth Godin always talks about having written over 120 books with just 18 of them emerging as best sellers (a bit above 10 percent of his works). There are other countless stories of entrepreneurs who build products upon products that didn’t even get to make it to the market before they finally had their big break. Even the best of strikers often have a disproportionate attempts/goal ratio, with some on target and others going wide before they get to put the ball behind the net.

Sometimes you are in top form and at other times, you are barely managing to get by. Sometimes you wake up in the morning, revving to change the world and some other times, you can’t seem to get off your bed. The way I see it is like the trajectory of a staircase, with the horizontal part as the times when it seem you are on a low key, merely taking things in strides and managing to keep things the way they are and at another time, you are taking an upward acceleration, going vertical, leveling up, running as fast as you can, and scoring as many goals.

It will then be senseless for example, for me not to go to work today because I had a bad day yesterday. The question is, what about two days ago and last week when it was all good? Some celebrity artiste sometimes fall into this trap….they expect the stage lights, the paparazzi, the screams from fans and the ebullience to continue…when they can’t get this, they take solace in drugs. And it is unfortunate.

Now, the most important thing isn’t to hit a home run every day as we are wont to. Rather, what matters is that we show-up and that we do so consistently.


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