Peripheral opponents and the real enemy


“My boss is not cooperative, that’s why I’m not giving my best on the job”.

“I don’t have an office yet, so I can’t start the business”.

“My job takes my time, that’s why I haven’t written the book that I have been wanting to”.

“My kids and spouse keeps getting on my way, every time I attempt to pursue the life of my dreams”.

Agreed. All of these challenges are worth mentioning (for whatever they are worth). And it is very tempting to think that the resistance to the life of our dreams are from outside ourselves. We identify it in our jobs, bosses, families and circumstances. All things external. But, they are not the real enemy. The real enemy is not a peripheral opponent (as Steven Pressfield pointed in his book The War of Art); the real enemy is the resistance within. “It is self-generated and self-perpetuated”. It is within, not without. Right there in your head.

It is that feeling of powerlessness that holds you back from giving your best. It is subtle. Amorphous. Very had to pin down. It plays with your mind and gives you tons of reasons not to ship. Sometimes it threatens, deceives and bullies you. It tells you it’s an ally, when it is in fact working against you. It is the gap between the life you are living now and the one you should be living.

Now, you can only defeat it by first labeling it for what it truly is: an enemy. And then play a smart one on it by using it as a pointer to what you should double down on. Here’s the thing: everything you ever wanted in your life is on the other side of the resistance. Go for it!

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