I’m guessing you have used the word provision in your communications — either written or spoken, at one point or another. There is the general sense of the word, which we all conversant with; but there is also another meaning which can give us a more insightful perspective.

The word provision can be split as: pro and vision…and pro is a Latin word which means for. So what this translates to is that the word provision can be interpreted as forvision.

That’s it.

You see, all of the resources available in this world is primarily designed and organised to flow in the direction of visions — the kinds that not only exist as vague ideas in the minds of men…but that has been articulated and transformed into actionable projects. That’s the way it is and has always been. The universe priorities its resources for visions….most especially those that leads to human advancement and flourishing and forms the bedrock for sustainable progress.

Now, I hope you see that the easiest way to attract resources into your life is to be visionary….it is to start something….or at the least, to get on something that has started and to do so by all means. You cannot be doing nothing and expect to attract resources to your life; it doesn’t work that way.

Go make a ruckus!

Post script: there’s the flip side also and it’s about those who have managed to pass the test of value but fail at the test of meaning. They are the bloc of people who have these resources in abundance but don’t know why they have it…they have no clue what it’s for and hence they spend it on all of the wrong things. This is a greater evil.


  1. Sam March 23, 2018 at 8:13 am - Reply

    Another wisdom from the deep! Well done sir

    • iunity March 23, 2018 at 10:34 am - Reply

      Many thanks bro

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