Red means stop and green means go


…and it is so everywhere in the world. My opinion doesn’t count as well as yours. It is the truth we have come to accept. A way to negotiate our collective peace. It’s the common ground we share that helps us keep our world going. These laws are meant to govern our actions so we can live together and flourish in society as diverse people.

Any individual or sect is free to define their own truth in the way they want provided it doesn’t threaten our collective sanity and balance.

A case in point: I hear there is a set of people around the world who belong to the ‘barefoot rights movement’ and are pushing the idea that people should move around with their bare-foots for some reason that they have come to accept as justifiable. That for me, is an example of what can happen when the human spirit is allowed the freedom to make choices and it’s a good thing to the extent that it doesn’t start to infringe and threaten our collective truth.

All of us will always be greater than any of us!

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