Relevance and nuisance value


You know, there are two kinds of evil today in our world: the first is that most people who’ve something to say are hiding while those who don’t have anything valuable to contribute are shouting from rooftops.

Foolishness is reigning in our public spaces and there’s so much noise everywhere because many smart and wise individuals are abdicating their responsibilities. They aren’t so confident in themselves and in what they have to offer.

Sadly, social media helps to amplify nuisance also because it doesn’t discriminate value from trash. If you have nothing to say, it will still give you a voice and amplify your noise, anyway. That’s why fools are negotiating a place on the frontlines in our societies and commanding cult followership. They are on Facebook, Instagram et cetera. And the only way to stop them is for the wise to be courageous enough to stand up to speak. To share their stories and causes and lead the kind of conversations that adds meaning and value to us. Not the kind that takes from us.

It’s a waste when you have something to say but you are too shy or afraid to speak out.

Don’t do that!

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