Role playing

In this life, not everybody will be players in the popular sense of the word. Some people must be coaches and it doesn’t matter whether they were once players in the same field or not. Infact, they don’t have to have been and the game of football is a clear representation of this idea. Today, we have star coaches around the world who never played football professionally. And the thing is, you really don’t need to be a former football player to be a successful coach. If your destiny path takes you from being a player to becoming a coach then fine, if otherwise, it still doesn’t matter.
Now, two important takeaways:
  • Whether you are visibly on the field or directing from the sidelines doesn’t make your role a lesser one, no matter what society says. For the fact that we can see the nose, mouth, hands and legs doesn’t make them more important than the lungs, liver, kidney and heart. So, we must resist the pressure to always be on the spotlight. And this applies to people across every facet of society.  It’s the very idea of role playing.


  • If you sense that you have a calling to be a player, by all means play but if you sense you have a calling to coach (whether football coach or life coach or any other permutation of coaching), please learn the ropes and coach. Stick to your role and forget about the naysayers. You owe no one any explanation.
May our people see!

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