Self-led armies


In the animal kingdom, am not sure there is a thing as the ‘king of the ants’. But inspite of this, they are about the most organized creature on the planet. Ants have no king….they merely tribe up, organize themselves and make a kind of progress with the pressure that comes from the culture they create for themselves. And that culture isn’t dictated by a superior ant as much as it is warped from each ant and the connections they share with one another.

Humans can learn something from this. You see, it’s a bad idea to abdicate the responsibility of our individual advancement to a ‘significant other’; bad idea for a people to give away their sense of agency to another human or class of humans, under the follower-leader or masses-leader contraption.

The thing is, in this life, there might not be another Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa, or Mahatma Ghandi or what-not to offer us the kind of value they did, at least not in our lifetime, because leaders of that kind don’t emerge very often. Maybe a more surer way to lead to progress and human flourishing for all of us could be to individually work at forging the peer pressure that gets everyone to become their best self and for society to emerge its best version by our collective efforts. It’s a better guarantee to creating the kind of world we desire and deserve.

My point is, we don’t need a transformational president or leader, as much as we need a transformed culture! It’s in our hands!

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