Ship and learn


Here’s the converse: don’t ship until perfect. You are familiar with this, because it is the trap many people fall into…and unsurprisingly, that’s why the majority aren’t getting things done. They wait for the perfect product, service….perfect time and even perfect weather. But there is no such thing. Perfection is a myth.

Look, everything that gets produced today will exist as an incomplete narrative….with a loophole that guarantees tomorrow’s innovation and progress. Nothing is & will ever be done perfectly and people are going to improve on whatever we get to do today. Tomorrow’s cars will swim, suitcase will be self-driven (you will not need you to pull them), bikes will run on air, computers will be immaterial, clothes will have the ability to change colours, think of it.

That’s how life is.

So, that painting, that book, that software, that music, that venture won’t get better until you push it out and neither will you also get better. But the moment you ship, the conversation starts, you learn, you iterate….and progress happens. There is no such thing as failure in the school of ideation – you either win or you learn; that’s why you shouldn’t hold back. I know you aren’t too confident — your version 1 looks ruffled and a bit lousy, but…

Just ship!

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