Something to learn from ball Jugglers


I’m guessing you have seen live or on TV, people who do this kind of sport. Sometimes, they do it with so much flair that we mistake them for magicians. The throwing and catching happens so synchronously that it becomes much of a delight to watch. And a little secret to this art is that if you throw the ball well, catching becomes effortless. It’s like skipping a rope: if you swing it well, your legs won’t get caught.

Metaphorically, the same applies to life; many areas of our lives. The thing is, you and I can almost predict the future by the kind of commitments we make today. And I like to think that many people make a wrong assumption of what the future truly means. Just so you know, it is not a time zone that is way ahead. No. The future is rather everything that we can be that we haven’t yet become, that we can do that we haven’t yet done and that we can have that we don’t yet have. And all that we do today and now are the building blocks for these possibilities.

If you want to ‘catch’ your dreams tomorrow, make sure you ‘throw’ them well today. Focus on the ‘throwing’!

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