Steal ideas and improve on them


Yes, steal ideas if that’s the option you have. Nobody is saying you must come up with a ‘new’ idea before we can offer you the reward you deserve.

See, there are two ways to create value – you either invent something new or you innovate by improving on the existing. (While Invention is zero to one, Innovation is one to infinity….yes, infinity. Endless).

It turns out many people are stuck in the craze for Invention. They like to hide and use this lack of ‘novelty’ as basis for their excuses. They are choosing to be inactive until they can come up with that next big thing. But that’s foolhardy. I’m not sure that you will build the next novel product or service in your line of work within the time of your useful life. But you can recombine and reshuffle what is existing in your own way. That’s the idea of innovation. You can sell same products/services as your competitors and yet do it differently. Read and collect ideas from different books, recombine them and mix with your experiences to write your own book, you won’t be arrested. (If you are really stealing an idea, steal it and give credit where applicable).

It turns out today that most successful ventures out there are based on unoriginal ideas that are well executed. If you can’t move first, it’s okay to follow fast. That’s the Chinese model and it has worked for them so far. And we can all take a cue in whatever field we ply our trade.

I hope you get my riff.

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