Strategy versus tactics.


A lot of times we confuse both. Tactics is not the same as strategy. Normally, it’s strategy first, and that should then inform what our tactics will be. If you put many efforts on executing tactics on a wrong strategy, it will fail.

And that’s the jobs CEOs do…you have to ensure that you are making ascent on a ladder that’s leaning on the right wall. To decide how to climb it is strategy and the actual mode of climbing is the tactics — in this case use of a ladder is the strategy, and how to climb to the top in fastest possible time, under budget and according to spec is the tactics. If you are efficient in doing the latter, only to find out that the parameters and visions are wrong, then it’s a waste altogether. When you are headed the wrong way, speed becomes an enemy.

Let me share an insight – for example, I have two notepads that I use for mapping and planning. One of it I use every Sunday nights to do a helicopter planning of the different aspects of my life and what I should be doing per time, what adjustments to make and what to do and not to do. And the other notepad I use daily in the week for execution and drawing up of tactics to achieve what I have set out for. It’s like the operational manual. And it takes wisdom to be able to draw a line between the two levels of engagements.

Very important!

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