Succeed at what you do….


…because that’s all that counts. Forget about trying to fit into society’s catalog and all of those narratives about what a professional job is and what it’s not. All of those white and blue collar pigeonholes are merely adjectives of stratification (and convenience).

Don’t let them bother you!

It matters that you have discovered and decided for a particular kind of life work (with all of the opportunity costs & trade-offs) that gives you optimum satisfaction & fulfillment in return.

Your goal should be to do well and not necessarily to fit in or get ahead. The thing is, people who matter don’t care about popularity of the line of work that you choose and people who speak myopically & cynically about your choice of work don’t matter. (When you start to gain key mileages in your work, they will see reasons).

So, do what you love and love what you do.

Make the difference that you can in the lives of those you care about (and those who care about you). And make sure you succeed by all means – it’s the best way to reply naysayers.

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