Take it down


Agreed, you have spent quality man-hours to design the product…it is beautiful! People love it and you love it also. It’s a clear statement of your expertise; a signature of your reputation. Well-done. Kudos!

But, you know what, aesthetic is not a key functionality for most people as much as fitness-for-purpose. That’s how we define quality these days, so, if it’s not serving its purpose, then take it down. Undo the work, please!

You see, no matter how beautiful a car is, if it is not able to offer motion from point A to B then it is not a car. It can be a tool-box, or a make-shift ware house, or a piece of decoration but we can’t call it a car, because it has failed the test of originality and purpose.

A case in point: your spouse buys you a beautiful and expensive shoe and you both love it so much, but there is a challenge — it is smaller than your feet in size. Should you force it on? No. When a shoe, which is primarily designed to protect the feet (before luxury merchants started gold-platting them), starts to cause pain, then you should know what action to take.

It’s never late to do the right thing!

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