Take your work seriously (not personally)


You know, there’s a difference between the “deal is being lost” and “I’m losing the deal”. While one is objective the other is not. One speaks of what is going wrong while the other speaks of who’s going wrong. And that’s not the best way to engage with life.

I’m not sure that anybody can go through life and be immune from adversity and failure and challenges. Sometimes (or oftentimes, depends on how many attempts you are making), things will not go as planned. Failure will stare you in the face. The numbers will not add up. The stars will not align, but you must keep going.

And to keep going require lots of emotional labour. It demands that you understand that failure is an event that can happen, and when it happens, that doesn’t then make you a failure. You have got to detach yourself as much as possible from the experience and not personalize it. Success will come, relish the good feeling. Failure will come (with its associated ill feeling which will, in fact, seem weightier and even last longer than the good feeling that comes from success), but don’t sweat on it.

Always resist the pressure to take failure personally.

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