The artist of the 21st century


When you hear the word Artist in the past, you would probably think of a musician, dancer, poet, or painter. Usually what comes to mind is someone who makes some kind of public performance.

But that was in the past!

In 2019, Art has a new meaning. An artist is someone who brings new thinking and innovation to his work, who makes things better or makes better things. An artist invents a more inclusive kind of banking solution, diagnoses a disease that someone else might have missed, or envisions a future that’s not here yet. An artist is a writer who knows how to capture emotions in sentences or the entrepreneur/employee that provides solutions to interesting problems.

When Steve Jobs was designing the UX of the Apple device, there was nothing of such that ever existed. He is an artist. When Mohammed Yunus was crafting the idea around social banking, there wasn’t any such concept in existence. He is an artist. When Nelson Mandela was negotiating freedom for South Africa, it wasn’t something he had done before. He was learning on the job, he was using the compass in his heart. He is an Artist. When the guys who walked on the moon achieved the feat, they didn’t have a map. They were making Art.

Art is about starting something new (no matter the scale). It’s about taking initiative and dancing with risk and fear. Art is doing and attempting the work that might not work. Art makes change happen and it is the price for greatness.

We should all be artists.

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