The Butterfly effect


It happens that in life, there’s just no such thing as an isolated action. And whether we agree or not, whatever we do or don’t do, somehow has the potential to affect someone else at a corner of the world.

It’s the idea of the butterfly effect: the science that says that, the flap of the wings of a butterfly at one point on the earth has the power to cause a tornado or hurricane at another point half way off. That’s the hidden power of isolated actions.

Now, your success is not about you alone. People are watching (both the ones you know of and the ones you don’t know about) and they are drawing hope and faith from your life. To them if you can do it, then, they can also do it. If you succeed, they will consequently draw inspiration and the possibility mentality from you.

Don’t fail them, please. Keep it up, by all means!

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