The Cog and the Linchpin


The cog is the one who does what he is told. Follows the map. Never takes initiative. Always reacts to what others initiates. Hides perpetually behind his cubicle on the office floor. Follows strictly what is on his JD. The day he doesn’t show up, nobody will know, except for the fact that his seat is empty. He is almost invisible; another replaceable cog in the wheel of his organization.

He is a robot.

The linchpin, on the other hand, is the individual others can’t do without – the one who is missed when he is gone. The one whose value is felt more in his absence than when he is present. He is an Artist — always shaping novel ideas & prototyping to see what works. He gets paid a lot (often disproportionately, because he is valuable) and he puts in far more than he is paid for.

He is a human being.

Every time you show up at work, you get to choose to be either of these.

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