Everyone does not matter


In nuclear physics, there is a thing called critical mass i.e, the smallest mass of material that will start a chain reaction. In business, it is the minimum size or amount of resources required to start or maintain a venture or another definition puts it as the size a company needs to reach in order to efficiently and competitively participate in the market.


The common denominator from these definitions is in the order of magnitude — minimum or the smallest.


That’s all.


This correlation can be applied to human interactions also.


See, I find it troubling when people seek popular endorsement to begin or to maintain a path that they have chosen for their lives. Or the work they do, product they make or service they give. I personally, fight to refrain from thinking in this manner.


Of a truth, Social media with its many pluses has also brought a lot of stress alongside, mostly for many young people who don’t know how to manage its place in their lives. The thing is, if you fall into the trap of measuring the impact or validating the credibility of your work from how many likes and comments you are able to gather on your online page then you may not go too far.


The perspective that works is to understand that when some people turn a blind eye to what you do, shades you….or even bluntly disapproves of the work you are doing, then it could be for two reasons:


  • Either, you were not sent to them (which could mean that, you don’t sell what they want or they want something you don’t offer);  Or
  • They are late adopters: they will only follow you when you become big;


….and this is particularly true for people who are involved in some form of art — musician, actor, painter, writer, designer, entrepreneur, scientist, speaker, poet. Name it.


Sometimes, it gets worse when you don’t even find that affirmation from family and friends because they know you too much. They have heard your lines a number of times, they have seen you repeat the art again and again (mostly from an amateurish stage) so they no longer put so much value to it.


They are too close to see.


And this can pose a problem to you if you don’t process these negative vibes very well.


What you should know is that there are many people who believe in you, many people who make a seamless connection with your work, even some can literally die for you…..and they are scattered around the world. Your responsibility is then to find them and the real question you should be preoccupied with is, how do i reach the people who need me? How do i find the people who resonate with me….who think that i rock and that i am the best thing in town. They are the true audience you should be concerned about.


Find your tribe.

Seek your quorum.

Everyone does not matter!


Post script: maybe you have heard about Vanity metrics, but if not: they are things like how much likes your post has generated, the views you now have and how many people have commented on your work. This does not matter as much as the growth, progress and results that you are seeking. A lot of times, they don’t even correlate. Keep your eyes on the track.


  1. victor mark December 23, 2017 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    Wowwwwwww! Awesome revelations brother! I seek my audience, my tribe and that’s what matters.

  2. victor mark December 23, 2017 at 10:26 pm - Reply

    Your posts are a blessing to me… shine on bro

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