The door may shut you out


….that is for only those who make an attempt to get in.


The people who do not are already shut out. They have a zero chance. Their probability of being considered is 0. When you don’t give a try, you get nothing.


If you apply for that job/exam/scholarship/audition you may be selected but if you don’t, even when they lower the bar of entry, it doesn’t cover you. Sometimes, they are only just watching out for those who will make an attempt. Because many times you hear people say what they plan to do…but that’s not enough because no one gets assessed on what he plans to do but what he eventually gets to do.


Don’t disqualify yourself before the race.


You can be different. You can join the upper percentile of those who are not afraid to try. Those who want to play their part in creating their own luck.


Just do it!

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