The future is not a good place to live


You know, it’s okay to pay a visit to the future once a while for the purpose of envisioning it….but you shouldn’t stay stuck there and lose out on all the opportunities and pleasures of today and moment now. If you allow your mind to live in the future, you would be selling yourself short big time.

And part of the challenge is that the future comes with a lot of anxiety and worry because you are really never in control of it. Beyond the known risks, there are just too many uncertainties. And those flux of emotions will torture you if you allow it. You should not tie your happiness to it at all.

You have got to resist the temptation of attaching your next level of happiness to that next thing – next job, the next phone, the next next, next holiday, next experience et cetera. Psychologists call this Destination Happiness and that journey is a futile one. And also a rat race – one that even if you manage to come out first, it counts for nothing. It’s like racing on a treadmill that leads to nowhere.

Now is your moment of glory. Engage it! Relish it! And be grateful for it.

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