The greatest battle you have to fight


…is the battle of staying true to your ideals – both when you have little and when you have abundance. With the inherent pressures of “living in the 2000s” (online & offline), it has become a very difficult task to keep one’s sanity.

You know, even as close as 30 years ago, it was a tough thing to stay in touch with friends and families. Staying in touch was a huge budget. If I wanted to check how my former coursemate in another city was doing, I will have to embark on a trip for this – with implications on time and cost, because at that time there were no phones or internet. “Competition” was local. There wasn’t so much talk about who’s up and who’s down the status ladder. But as you know, things are a lot different today. You can be in the comfort of your room and be observing the life of an acquaintance thousands of miles away. The Instagram app has become about the single most potent brewer of Envy in our society today. And that’s a huge waste.

In this case, what can we do?

First, is to understand that we are in a constant battle – a battle that is fueled by peer and cultural pressure. Second is to stay ahead of the tension and to be intentional about how we engage with this new media that is proving to be as much a curse as a blessing. You’ve got to understand that people only put their best selves out there and not the other part that is laced with challenges and failures. Timelines are usually compilations of one-sided single stories. So don’t get carried away. And don’t be stressed out.

If you must engage with these tools, at worst, make sure you regulate your exposure and at best, have a meaningful strategy around its use.

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