The job where there’s always a vacancy


…is the one you create. That one is in endless supply. It’s not affected by government legislation or a hiring policy of an organization. It’s entirely in your hands.

You don’t apply for it neither do you wait to get picked.

You pick yourself!

There’s no unemployment in that conversation and if you call it entrepreneurship you won’t be wrong.

These kinds of jobs are not only in abundant supply, but they also take different forms.

One is the kind that exists within traditional organizations and it’s called intrapreneurship. These jobs are always available for problem solvers. Highly skilled individuals. Linchpins. People who are able to create value at an unprecedented level. People who are missed when they are gone. People who give more than is required of them, 100% of the time. Jobs for this kind of people are always on the market and you can either volunteer for them or negotiate for them on your own terms. That then means that if a company is no longer going in the direction you would like to go, you are at liberty to fire them and go elsewhere.

It’s all up to you.

The other kind is reserved for Soloists. People who choose to do their own thing; with the understanding that at the very base, a business is a value-creating entity – whether it is in blue-white-or no-collar form, it doesn’t matter. Whether it is a 1000 or 100 or 10 or 1 man entity, it is still a business. Whether you have to resume at a physical location or on your laptop, it’s still a business. And its legitimacy is not so much a matter of scale as much as it is a desire for a certain kind of journey.

Now, these two classes of people have one thing in common: the mindset that there are no born entrepreneurs and that entrepreneurship is an action word. A posture for solving valuable problems – recognizable, transferable and rewardable problems.

(You know, the mistake we often make is that we say someone is an entrepreneur when we should be saying, “s/he’s acting like an entrepreneur.” Since entrepreneurship is a verb, an action, a posture… then of course, it’s a choice. You might not want to act like one, but if you can model behavior, you can act like one).

What’s your own excuse?

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