The other perspective.


You know, to wear two types of shoes at the same time is not an easy thing to do – people might even mistake you for a lunatic. To create and critic your work at the same time requires a level of emotional maturity. Same with accepting criticism from others.

That attitude can only be sustained by the strong.

It’s very easy to assume that your idea is worth a million bucks and your product will be a big money spinner without considering fully all the internalities and externalities. In psychology, it’s called the perspective gap because by nature, we are only predisposed to seeing our best efforts. We see our strengths very easily and are blinded to our errors and weaknesses. And the ability to acknowledge this frailty in itself is a personality strength that is what honing. Once you have a good sense of the wide locus of your blind spots, then it behooves you to incorporate the multi-sided perspective of others to yours so that your propositions can be solid and water-tight.

I’m convinced that no human in this world can achieve anything great all alone and only shallow & naïve people are remiss about this. Don’t be one!

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