The power of Wow.


The idea of ‘underpromise and over-deliver’ is a noble thing for anyone in the service industry. Only that it takes a lot to give more than what people are paying for, that’s why it is very scarce to find this kind of gestures in the business space today. Many people even find it impracticable when this is attempted with an eye on the bottom-line.

he only thing is that, if you are the guy who only meets spec and delivers the normal, you wouldn’t be disappointing your customers. And oftentimes, they will be fine with that, to the extent that they don’t get to find an alternative. But when you find ways to add a wow to your work and offer people more than what they pay for, you will be building trust and loyalty. Almost for life.

Plus the fact that they wouldn’t just stick, it’s more likely that they will tell their friends about you and that automatically leads to a positive ratchet – the kind that serves your business on the long run. It works!

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