The price and the glory.


You know, everybody likes greatness, no matter what they say. It’s only that the sacrifice and the demands is what scares them. That’s the truth. There’s nobody on the planet that really do not want to be successful per se. Only that they are intimidated by the price required for the prize. They are not able to summon the courage required to negotiate that level of glory, even though they admire people who get to achieve this – often times they wished it was them. That’s why it appears that the top is very lonely.

Maybe it will help to understand that no matter the demands of the price, the glory will always be weightier in value. If only you can do the hard work, you’ll find that the price is far cheaper than the prize. And it’s worth sticking your neck for. Don’t leave a small life, It is riskier to settle for the bottom or the average life.

It turns out that once you hit a level of success, it becomes like a roller-coaster. The glory starts to upscale astronomically. People start to appropriate value on you much more than you are worth. And then you’ll see that indeed, nothing succeeds like success.

Don’t spend your life hearing about how it feels to be successful. Experience it!

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