The real definition of ignorance


We live in the best of times and never in the history of man has information being so ubiquitous as it is today. With google, we are afforded access to tons of information almost for free, more than we may ever need in a single life time.


But yet, amidst all of these, there is still widespread ignorance in our space. I like to think that the people of the 2000s who are still considered unlearned are the people who have deliberately chosen not to make the effort.


They are the ones who, despite all of the tools/media that are used to democratize knowledge today, have somehow chosen to remain in the dark. The fact is, if you can access facebook on your mobile, then you are not in anyway disenfranchised. The same device that accesses facebook can access google, i think.


Look, there is really no such thing as ignorance as much as there are people who have chosen to IGNORE all the knowledge and wisdom that are screaming for attention.


And it turns out misplacement of priority is the real issue and not availability or even accessibility.

May our people see!

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