The right to better life


….is a human right. Deserving of people of all races, language and cultures. For the fact that we come to this world in the same way and we all get to leave through the same route should tell us that we all deserve the best in the time of our existence. Everyone deserves a place on the starting blocks at the least. And that I think is the principal job of leaders. Leaders of all kinds. Our jobs are to help the least privileged in our societies and to be comfort and support shoulders to the weak. To democratize opportunities to the most people as much as we have the power to.

You know, classification of people in the way we have known it is a human invention and all of the evils in our society often stem from the inordinate desire to move up the status ladder. That’s what fuels greed and the zero-sum mentality – the kind that thinks that for me to have more, you have to have less. It turns out that people often desire more resources than they need, not necessarily to become the wealthiest guy in town but to be wealthier than their friends and the small community of people who know them and those they know. That’s the real motivation. Then scale that desire across different groups — a tribe, race, country, geographical area and the globe and you have a better sense of the evil monster that we are up against. That’s how it progresses.

It is sad that when people start out a little more privileged than others, equality for them, begins to feel like oppression. Our world deserves better!

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