The Spark


I’m guessing that you have experienced this at one time or another: it’s what we often call…the aha or eureka moment, the “wait a minute” moment….. Sometimes, we intentionally work towards it, at other times, it is serendipitous.

Small flashes of inspiration. Fleeting whispers of thought; the dots connect and boom….a bulb lights in your head.

It’s the spark.

The spark that starts a conversation, creates a tribe, starts a movement, or lays the background for a revolution. Individuals have used it to create novel products and services that have changed the way we work, the way we love, commute, communicate, and even war.

It all starts with a spark; then you fan the spark and it becomes a blaze – the kind of fire that burns so much that the entire world pauses to watch you burning… much so that they direct their purchasing power and every form of value possible, towards you.

The challenge however is that, not everybody fans the spark enough to the point where it becomes a blaze. They deoxygenate the spark by their lack of faith and confidence in both their ideas and in themselves. What a waste! I hope you nurture yours every time you experience the spark.

Here’s what to take away: every great thing starts with a spark.

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