The thing about forward motion


It is not perchance that a car will need to experience friction, heat, wear & tear on its tires for it to negotiate forward motion. And that’s exactly how life is.

The fact is, you will often need to do the hard work (either with your hand or your head) if you are ever going to win in this life. And there is a sense in which all of today’s technologies may help but at their best, they will not think for us. At their best, they will only act as enablers to offer us the necessary leverage that we all desire in the different works that we do. Our hardwork must infact be matched with that ‘software’ to create and multiply value and to advance society.

See, nobody said it was going to be a walk in the park, and like Barack Obama would say, ‘hard things are hard’.

Yeah, that’s the way it is!

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