The thing about small beginnings


Very often, many individuals who end up big, started off from lowly positions at some point in‎ their lives. By intention, sacrifice, strategic deployment of energy, right positioning and by showing up day after day, they have managed to negotiate their way to the top. Some, under a short time, while some others often seem to take a lifetime to ascend up the ladder.

The thing is, humble beginnings can actually be forever if the right moves are not made. You can be a budding writer, a fledgling entrepreneur and an amateur musician forever if you don’t leap in time. And the problem with this kind of failure is that it becomes almost perennial. Little wonder it is said that, nothing fails like failure, meaning, if one isn’t careful, he can get grounded in the dip of failure – only going from bad to worse. There is in fact no problem with starting small, just that there’s a lot of problem with staying small.  There’s no problem starting local but you can also aim for the globe.

So, take pragmatic steps to leap in the work that you do. Set a target. Track the numbers. Push the limits every passing day. Keep going a step higher on the arc of your profession. Whatever you do, just don’t be a start-up forever.



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