The urgent Vs the important


You know, the nature of social media communication – instant messaging, over the internet; communications at zero cost is setting a wrong standard in our society today. When people think they can talk to you anytime they want and from anywhere by just picking up their phones and dialing, then we have a new challenge on our hands.

Think about all it would require of a person to do an international call, 20 years ago – all the expense of time, and money. Juxtapose to today and see how much of a difference it makes – positive as well as negative difference; it’s a blessing that has a curse in it.

For most of us, we don’t even know that we have become victims such that when we miss a call, we feel so pained and even start to say sorry to the caller as if it’s not normal to miss a call.

With the numerous technologies we have on our hands today, urgencies will keep piling up and will contest for our attention – it will fight with the time we should use in focusing on important things.

You need to know this.

So, don’t allow this development trouble you. Don’t be shocked. Rather, manage it. Put it in perspective. Practice the habit of separating yourself from these tools every once in a while, so you can go deep in your work. Create something and take break moments/time to attend to those seeming urgencies. That’s the way to get stuff done in these days and times.

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