Time is a key factor of production


Someone has said that you can acquire more money in life, but you cannot acquire more time and it turns out that this is one of the most fundamental truth that many will often NOT come to terms with. It’s a hard truth. Every passing day, we automatically make withdrawals on the time we have been allotted in this life without the opportunity of making any deposit.

Now, when people talk about starting a business, they often over-flog the need for seed money without being clear that every business that will work will require your time. You will have to commit your time to properly incubate any idea that will leap, which then means that you have got to audit properly before you commit to anything because time is your greatest resource. You’ve got to check if you have the time (or life) to commit to it. You need to see if it aligns with your life goals, in the long term and aligns with the kind of thing you want to be doing at some later point in your life. That’s what it means to think strategically.

Before you commit, always ask yourself if you have got the time for it.

Time is life!

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