“To him who has, more shall be added”


…on face value, that’s probably one of the toughest life principles that there is. Idealist and people who advance the idea of a utopian society cannot make sense of a world, where the one who has more gets more again.

But it is life. And life is not fair neither is it subjective. Life only moves its resources in the direction of highest use and maximum value. It’s called management – the gap between depreciation and appreciation; the gap between value decrease and value increase.

And it happens that the plant at the top of the tree by virtue of superior positioning gets more sunlight than others on the branches below it, and it gets better for it. The guy with good and numerous reviews on a freelance website gets more and more clients. Same with the guy who has a level of competence and good positioning. He gets more client attention; which enables him to build more competence and a form of dynamic capability that is hard to replicate. For good work, he’s rewarded with more work, and that value ratchets up.

Now, any lessons? Yes, we are once again called to the attitude of faithfulness. If we are faithful in the little we have been entrusted, people will notice us and we will attract just enough “sunlight & attention” that we need to grow. Drip, drip, drip …no shortcuts and we are on our way to be the kind of guy people seeks out.

Don’t try to shunt the process.

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