Too close to see


In medicine, there is a thing called Hypermetropia — a disease condition of the eye where someone sees objects that are afar of but he’s not able to clearly see what’s near.

Now, the thing is, we can use this as a metaphor for the kind of culture that many people have come to adopt in the way they live their lives.

You know, a lot of times, it’s hard to see the virtues that are in us and the numerous opportunities in our immediate environment. Part of the reason why it’s tempting by default to think that a genius is someone who isn’t us and someone we can never aspire to. We can’t see our greatness because we have gotten used to it and ; we are always thinking that the things we need to live our best lives are outside of us and many times, even outside our reach.

But what is true is that, all the resources that you will ever need to achieve your full potentials are right there in and around you. All of them! I like to think that people are just not disadvantaged for what they do not have but what they have but don’t know how to use. And this ought not to be!

What can you see?

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