Two kinds of robbers


There is the common one that we are mostly familiar with: a guy/team of guys with AK 47 assault rifles, storms a facility and forcefully cart away with valuables. Some days, it’s a big heist, at some other days (most commonly), merely a sizeable portion — limited by what is stored up in the vaults.

But there’s also the other guy/group, a bit on the upper end of the ladder: quite elitist, multiple degrees in the bag, product of a leading institution of learning, dressed dignifiedly in a suit and whatnot. Now, with these badges, he can be better seen and heard and society can give him some space to lead; and by virtue of his superior placement, he now has access to our collective resources. His competence has negotiated a place for him at the top. Good and fine!

Just that, as the usual narrative is, he fails in the place of character. Now, he shares a frailty with the former guy.

Greed starts to show.

And the problem with this is that, his own greed has a far deleterious and lethal consequence, even though society has a way of shielding him. With the stroke of a pen he misappropriates the collective patrimony of the people at a huge and unmatchable scale. And does it rather gracefully without leaving a trace. He is an expert in management but has a skewed conscience. He now means danger to society and represents nothing short of a nuisance value. They are everywhere in the corridors of power – elected politicians who work very hard at pillaging the resources of the people and private sector players who connive with these government officials to facilitate the thievery.

These societal figures are the ones who are truly armed and deserving of the most judgement, only if society chooses to see differently. We must begin to measure people not by their eloquence or the finesse of their corporate structures but more weightier and noble qualities.

The thing is, when competence meets character, society flourishes and we are all the better for it.

May our people see!!!

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