Two kinds of tests


Yesterday, I spoke briefly about the two kinds of tests that every mortal must face in his journey through life. The first is the test of value, and in the popular sense, it entails one’s ability to go to school, acquire a degree (another one and another one), get a job or set up a company, make loads of money, buy a house (and all of the nice things of life), become big and famous. (He has paid the price and have toiled his way up the success ladder).

Test 1: PASSED. Congratulations!

Now, the second test is the test of meaning, and one can even be a CEO of a fortune 500 company or rise to become the President of a country and still fail (or be failing) at this test. I’m cautious to submit that many successful people today might be in this bloc. And they often don’t realize this until they approach the twilight of their lives. Some get to become a bit conscious at mid-life in what is commonly referred to as mid-life awakening, while some others are not so lucky – not lucky enough to answer the why of their lives. You know, at age 80 or 90, third quarter profit and real estate value and global share price will not matter much to you. They will suddenly pale into insignificance. Nothing else will matter as much as what you mean to the people in your life. And how much of a difference you have made (or are making) to the world that is beyond the one you know and own. And it starts from a simple resolve to be a giver and not just a taker. And to understand clearly that value itself is less valuable than meaning.

That’s how to pass this test.

I hope you decide to live your life more purposefully and meaningfully, beginning today.

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