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Back in high school (at least in the kind of school I attended), it was common to find students write their names on the walls of their class-rooms. A lot of times, most of the names on those walls were those of students who had graduated in the previous year(s).

Looking back, I can only make one conclusion: they wanted to be remembered. They wanted to outlive time. Something deep down in the recesses of their souls was hungry for greatness. And that thing is resident in every human, seeking expression.

Of course, etching your name on the walls of a classroom, isn’t the way to leave a legacy of value and relevance. That’s definitely not how to do it. Little wonder, it turned out that it wasn’t the people who towed this path that were remembered.

Now, maybe, deciding to rather make an impression in the minds of people who experience you is a better option. Maybe by living your life in a way that people who cross path with you are grateful for the kind of impact you make in their lives is a better way. Maybe choosing to be the best you can be and to give the best in all you do is a more effective approach. Interestingly, this doesn’t only apply in the classroom but in the world we live in.

Keep making a difference.

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