Use the right escalator

I witnessed a rather fascinating incident at a train station some time ago. A young chap somehow got on the escalator that was descending while he tried to make an ascent. He had mounted it before he discovered that he was on the wrong one and instead of beating a retreat on realizing this, he still forged ahead. And this took everyone by surprise.
The more the escalator pushed him back, the more he forced his way up. And he was very sincere even though we were all laughing at him.
That scenario left me with two lessons:
A. In this life, you cannot swim on your own terms. There are clear principles to align with that will guarantee success on a platter for anybody. (What should have given him a mechanical advantage became a disadvantage because he abused it.) Be wise.
B. Sometimes out of sheer tenacity, you can still achieve whatever you set out to in spite of the odds, as in the case of the young man who still managed to get to the other end of the escalator. It pays to not give up sometimes. Be resilient.
On the whole, it is wisdom to know when to quit and when to stick, depending on the context of the situation.
Your mileage may vary!

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