What to do and what not to do


Let’s be honest. None of us know for sure what will make us successful. In the labyrinth of life, we would not be immune from uncertainty, risk, and fear as we navigate life’s complex journey. Life will often not give us its best on a platter. It is the way it is and the way it has always been.

It is harder to know for certain what can make us happy as much as to know what can destroy our success or happiness. We cannot say what brings us success but we can pin down what blocks or obliterates success.

It is the reason why negative knowledge (what not to do) is a much more potent instructor of human behavior than positive knowledge (what to do). Often times if we sort out the downsides — what not to do, the upside – what to do, will normally take care of itself.

And usually, that part that you can commit to matters a lot.

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